Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Which edge?

Although I've been a techie for years (since way before it was cool) my approach to technology is... a bit different, I think, than most people's - or at least most people who dig this stuff.

Some people absolutely have to have the newest gizmos, and get excited over having the newest tech before (or at least as soon as) everybody else. I'm not one of those. I might be if I had the budget, but somehow I never have.

Some people love technology that borders on the antique. Classic Macs, Atari computer systems, Amigas, Newton - you know what I mean. These folks are kind of like classic car collectors, except they revel in classic tech. And although I do like the older stuff, I'm not one of these either.

I like technology that's neither in the first blush of youth nor old enough to be merely a curiosity. Stuff that's still useful for doing real work. Things that, with a little ingeneuity and TLC, can really shine. Let's call it middle-aged techology.

If I wanted to be pretentious, I'd say I believe in
appropriate technology - that is, technology that is adequate and well-suited for a task to which it is put. And I do believe in this as a principle.

But I also like cheap tech. (It's the budget thing again.) And I've always had this tendency to root for the underdog, even after the season is over... sometimes even after the team has been disbanded, the stadium razed, and all the remaining team logo sports bottles sold on eBay.

So that will be the focus of this blog. Since blogs are personal, it'll partly be about the tech stuff I personally use, or have used, or would like to use, that is behind the curve. And since I've got more to talk about than just technology, there'll be some other stuff thrown in from time to time. After all, opinions are like a particular part of the body... teeth. Everybody's got a bunch of them in their mouth, and most folks have tucked a few away under their pillows for safekeeping as well.

And yes, I know blogs are supposed to have links in them. I suppose I should have made "eBay" two paragraphs up into a link, but really, what's the point? Next time, though, I'll have some links. Probably.

Oh - and.. the name? Well, I wanted something that would be roughly the opposite of "the bleeding edge" but nothing seemed really appropriate. "The scabby edge" was high on my list, but I didn't think readers would enjoy being made to think of scabs every time they visited. "The moldering edge" was another possibility, but it meens decaying, and I thought it was a little insulting as a description of stuff that I actually like and think is worthwhile. "Superannuated" is a great word - I loved the sound of it and felt the meaning was appropriate. It conveys excellency while still giving that feeling of something left behind. (It's super! but... annuated.) I don't know that it works all that well with the "edge" concept though. It's a bit of a stretch, but I'm hoping it'll grow on me.

I expect this blog to go largely unread. There are just too many blogs these days for anyone to actually read them anymore, unless they belong to somebody famous. And I'm not famous. Or even syndicated.

So, hello. And now, goodbye.


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