Monday, June 20, 2005

More Handbook Stuff

Wikipedia now has a page dedicated to the Handbook 486. I added a link to my page on optimizing graphics for this machine to the external links section.

I actually had my old Handbook out and running over the weekend. My 4-year-old daughter likes to type on it and otherwise play around with it. It tickles her that it's so "kid-sized." I got to take a little trip dpwn memory lane - I forgotten just how much I'd liked that machine, and how much I'd been able to do with it.

My main laptop, a Dell Latitude LS 500, is now on the fritz. The cable to the sceen seems to have broken down, and now the screen comes up pure white. It works fine while connected to a monitor, but it's out of comission for mobile work, which is where I mostly use (used) it. I'll have to replace the screen cable, or possibly the whole screen before I can work while commuting again. When last I checked eBay, replacing the entire screen was actually the cheaper option.

Or there's always the Handbook. ;)


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